Environmental policy

Environmental policy

The key elements of our environmental policy are compliance with environmental legislation in all aspects of our operation as well as in products / services developed and provided, monitoring and reporting of our environmental footprint, and the formulation of appropriate measures for reducing our footprint. In that context, we analyze the environmental impacts associated with our operations, products and services taking into consideration: energy consumption, climate change and other gases emissions, raw materials and waste management, water consumption, ozone layer and electromagnetic radiation.

Aiming at the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, our priorities are to: 

- Analyze, monitor and strive to systematically improve the calculation of our environmental impact.

- Design and implement measures for reducing our environmental impact by considering:

  • Rational use of energy, water and raw materials.
  • Promotion and utilization of Renewable Energy Sources.
  • Reduction of greenhouse and other gases emissions.
  • Recycling of raw materials and consumables.
  • Minimization of any potential impacts from electromagnetic radiation.
  • Environmental awareness

- Invest in research & development through our participation in national / international research programs.

- Develop products and services that enable our customers to improve their environmental performance.

- Actively participate in the on-going, formal or informal, consultations regarding climate change mitigation and environmental protection in general.

- Raise environmental awareness of our employees and customers.

- Support actions and initiatives undertaken by environmental organizations.