Customers (corporate, business, home)

Customers (corporate, business, home)

Customers (corporate, residential, business)
Means of Communication Main issues raised by stakeholders OTE’s Response
- CR Surveys

- Customer Satisfaction Surveys

- Call Centres

- Customer Loyalty / Satisfaction Barometer

- Customer Management through Account Managers
- Need for support on technical issues (web hosting, DNS services, IPVPN)

- Need for support on commercial issues (Audio- video conferences, contract renewals)

- Complaints on technical issues and matters such as the activation of products / services

- Clarifications on telephone bills
- Disposition of an experienced team of telecommunications consultants consisting of 30 people, for the solution of everyday problems

- Prompt response to the messages and the needs of customers, with consistency and credibility, through “13818”, OTE’s Business Customer Service

- Maintaining customer satisfaction regarding complaint handling (90% were resolved within 20 days)