Customer ‘Satisfaction and Loyalty Barometer’

Customer ‘Satisfaction and Loyalty Barometer’

The ‘CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY BAROMETER’ survey, which has been conducted by OTE over the last 5 years, involves the planning, development and application of a system for measuring the total experience and loyalty of OTE's customer base, and it offers the company yet another tool in its strategic planning operations.
The survey includes measurements, both quantitative as well as qualitative, targeting residential, business and corporate customers, as well as surveys targeting ‘special audiences’: ‘11888’ (directory enquiries), ‘134’ (call centre), '121’ (fault reporting centre), as well as the customer service numbers offered by telecommunication operators .

General findings

In 2010, a total of approximately 12.000 clients, across all of our segments (residential, corporate, business, telecommunication operators and special audiences) participated in the Barometer survey.
Overall, the most important findings concerned customer service, prices, products and image of the company. The customers focused mainly on matters such as: 

  • Promotion of packages that combine services (Double, Triple, Quadrant Play)
  • Launch of new products that will meet customers’ needs with emphasis on offers to improve value for money
  • Improving image and reputation towards innovation, differentiation and modernity, in order to attract more “dynamic” and “energetic” audiences that show more “active” profile
  • Improvement of customer-centric approach focusing on malfunctions restoration time, monitoring restoration process , and personnel professionalism

Findings on Corporate Resposibility

In regard to Corporate Responsibility (a category that is separately analysed in the survey) the main findings(*) are:
Residential Customers
  • 68% of respondents view the implementation of Corporate Responsibility programmes as a factor affecting OTE’s image,
  • 37% of respondents expect more from OTE on issues of environmental protection and 23% expect more with regard to provision of services to vulnerable social group
  • 61% of respondents take account of Corporate Responsibility in the purchase of OTE products/ services
  • The majority of respondents prefer to be informed of Corporate Responsibility programmes through the media and advertising campaigns.
  • OTE is seen as an "ethical company", offering interesting and understandable advertisements regarding Corporate Responsibility.
Business Customers
  • 75% of respondents view the implementation of Corporate Responsibility programmes as an important factor of OTE’s image.
  • 64% of respondents say that Corporate Responsibility actions are a factor in their intent to purchase OTE products/services.
  • An upward trend was recorded in customer interest in programmes targeting Vulnerable Social Groups (from 17% of respondents in 2009, it rose to 24% of respondents for 2010).
  • The majority of respondents prefer to be informed of OTE’s Corporate Responsibility actions through the media and advertising campaigns.
SMB Customers
  • 63% of respondents are not aware of OTE’s Corporate Responsibility programmes.
  • The majority believe that Corporate Responsibility programmes contribute to OTE’s good reputation and they would affect their intent to perform a purchase.
  • They believe it is important that companies invest in programmes targeting Vulnerable Social Groups.
Corporate Customers
  • 60% of respondents view the implementation of Corporate Responsibility programmes as an important factor s of OTE’s image.
  • 46% of respondents place greater importance on programmes concerning the protection of the environment.
  • The majority prefer to be informed of Corporate Responsibility issues from the company brochures and annual report.
  • Only 20% of respondents say their decision to purchase a product is affected by whether the company implements a Corporate Responsibility programme.

Overall Observations

The Corporate Responsibility programme implemented by OTE significantly affects the opinion of customers on OTE:

  • 68% of Residential Customers
  • 75% of Business Customers
  • 60% of Corporate Customers

From the above results it emerges that the existence of a Corporate Responsibility programme influences the intent to purchase products and that there is a trend for a shifting of interest towards the environment and vulnerable social groups.

Products-Services for Special Groups

OTE, respecting the needs of all citizens, has developed an array of programmes targeting special groups of the population:


Product Description
Free ADSL connection to excelling students For the sixth consecutive year (2010), OTE offered free ‘Conn-x’ Internet packages to excelling undergraduate and postgraduate students. Specifically, OTE offers free Internet access for a year to the five students scoring the highest marks in the entrance examinations for admission to every university course, as well as to the five top-ranking students of every course of every academic year or semester, who achieved academic excellence during the academic year 2009-2010.
Conn-x for students OTE gives all students the possibility to acquire a broadband Internet connection, via ADSL access, at advantageous rates. 14,462 students made use of this right in 2010 (against 979 in 2009), in accordance with the specifications of the ‘Diodos’ Action.
Tele-assistance The target market of the ‘Immediate Alert’ (OTEALERT) service is people whose physical condition causes them to require assistance and constant monitoring (the elderly, people with special needs etc.) and it numbers more than 1,000 subscribing clients to date.
Teleworking It gives the option to users (of remote areas, with special needs etc.) to interact in real time, with data, sound and image capability, thus creating an state-of-the-art tele-collaboration environment in their working area, which could be at their home.
Tele-medicine through Video-Conferencing This service is implemented at Mental Health Clinics, such as ‘KLIMAKA’, through the interconnection of Drug Rehabilitation Centres, located on islands, with the specialised staff of ‘KLIMAKA' clinic in Athens. This application is also operated at EKAV (Hellenic Emergency Medical Service), on a pilot basis, interconnecting islands (Health Centres of Tinos and Samos) with the EKAV Department in Elefsina, with the aim of the interchange of opinions and expertise between specialised staff and country doctors.
Customer Service Call Centre for Deaf People The help line for the deaf (18855) provides its services to people with hearing impairments, through special devices for people who are hard of hearing. Calls made to the 18855 number from OTE landlines nationwide are charged at the local rate.

Number of People with Special Needs offered discounts

People with visual impairments 8.357 28%
People with a severe motor handicap 11.490 39%
kidney disease patients 9.157 31%
People with over 67% disability 499 2%
People with other disabilities 114 0,3%


Other Innovative services

  • Health Line – 1535:
    In 2010, 3.400.000 calls were made to the Health Line, and 2.121.000 resulted in an appointment. The Health Line gives users the possibility to automatically book an appointment by telephone, using just their voice. This service is provided through the use of Voice Recognition technology. The system is interconnected with the Customer Call Centre, to resolve any problems which may occur, in cases where the automatic system cannot provide the service to a user. This number can be dialled nationwide, it is charged at the local rate and operates on a 24-hour basis.
  • OTE Health Portal:
    In 2010 OTE’s health portal received 31.155 hits. The portal offers the following:
    • Provision of information specialising on health-related issues
    • Posting of a directory of medical professionals
    • Option of uploading a brief CV and other details for medical professionals
    • Hyperlinks to international health websites and international medical databases
    • Publication of articles by journalists on health-related issues
    • Provision of information on technological achievements and their contribution to the medical profession; Posting of related services, such as the 1535 ‘HEALTH LINE’ phone line and the ‘OTEALERT’ Immediate Alert phone line.


  • 112 Phone Line:
    A toll-free emergency number one can dial both from a landline as well as a mobile phone, from all EU Member-States.The 112 number does not replace existing national emergency numbers, but operates simultaneously with those numbers in most countries.

Further information on OTE’s products available at: