COSMOTE Group’s consistent growth in SE Europe is accompanied by a strong presence as a responsible social partner. Corporate Responsibility is a fundamental corporate principle that surrounds COSMOTE’s corporate operation.

The pillars of COSMOTE’s Corporate Responsibility programme are:

  • Strategy & Management
  • Environment
  • Society
  • Marketplace
  • Employees

It is a multidimensional programme that is described in detail in the company’s Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Reports.

Strategy & Management

In 2010 the company has achieved the following:

- Renewal of the certifications of COSMOTE Greece according to the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards
- All the employees adhere to the Regulatory COSMOTE Group Compliance System
-  A training programme addressing Corporate Responsibility issues, was implemented, in which 84% of the Executive, Senior and Middle Management attended
- Received the “First Prize for Corporate Responsibility – 2010” at the ‘CHIMA Business Awards', based on votes of the wider business community
- The company’s “2009 Corporate Responsibility Report” won the award for “Best Report” at the “BRAVO Sustainability Awards”
- During the “5th Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Awards” organised by the Greek Advertisers' Association (SDE), the company won the Award for “Safe Usage of Mobile Telephony Services”, in the Business Environment/ Market category

COSMOTE is also a member of International & National Organisations, through which it is trying to promote matters in the Mobile Telephony sector as well as Corporate Responsibility. Indicatively, the company is a member of the following bodies:

In the Telecommunications sector:
- GSM Association (GSM-A)
- Association of Mobile Telephony Companies (EEKT)
- European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
- SEPE (Federation of Hellenic Information Technology & Communications Enterprises).
- S.E.V. (E.A.T. - S.E.V. Wireless Communications Committee and E.K.T. – S.E.V. Mobile Communications Committee).
In the Corporate Responsibility sector:

- GeSI (Global e-Sustainability Initiative)
- Greek Network for Corporate Social Responsibility
- The Greek branch of Global Compact
- Information and Awareness Action “”, by the Greek Saferinternet Awareness Centre
- The “Road Safety Institute - Panos Mylonas”

The Environment
In 2010 the company has achieved the following:
  • 12.02 tn of mobile phones and accessories were recycled.
  • The mobile recycling system continued at 100% of the retail network.
  • 24.02 tn of electrical and electronic devices, namely 100% of the withdrawn quantity were recycled
  • 557.6 tn of batteries, namely 100% of the withdrawn quantity was recycled.
  • 17,266 lt of lubricants, namely 100% of the withdrawn quantity was recycled.
  • Continued the operation of photovoltaic panels at 37 Base Stations (installed over the last few years) 
  • Prevented the emission of 3,500 tn of carbon dioxide, through the implementation of specifically-targeted programmes.
  • Was reduced: the electricity consumption per Base Station by 1.4 MWh, the electricity consumption throughout the retail network by 14.4%, the total diesel consumption by 15%, the water consumption per employee by 5%, the fuel consumption per kilometre travelled by 19.6%.
  • Continued the use bio-degradable bags at 100% of COSMOTE and GERMANOS retail networks 
  • The 77.9% of solid waste from the warehouses was recycled, as well as 42.3 tn of paper
  • The number of EMF measurement stations throughout Greece increased by 6.5%, via the programme “Pedion 24”

In order to establish its energy consumption management policy, COSMOTE has developed an Energy Consumption Monitoring System which aims to:

- Monitor the Company’s energy consumption performance
- Forecast future energy consumption
- Measuring energy savings achieved through the implementation of targeted programmes
- Defining future energy consumption and CO2 emission targets

In 2010 the company has achieved the following:
  • Offered 10 Scholarships and awarded 26 Honourary Distinctions to first-year undergraduate University students.
  • Donated EUR325.000 through the “Love Institution” - New Year’s Day SMS and EUR263.226 through the “I Offer” Service.
  • Gathered 120 crates filled with toys, school items and clothing articles to be donated to vulnerable social groups.
  • Briefed 807 pupils on the principles of operation of mobile telephony and made available 4,850 mobile phones especially-designed for the elderly and people with vision impairments.


Specifically, through the programme “Navigating the World”, which was first launched at the Iraklia remote area and was implemented, by the end of 2010, at 13 schools on Lesbos, as well as on the Anafi and Kithnos islands, the Company installed technology equipment, aiming to close the gap between urban and rural regions of Greece.
Moreover, the company upgrades its telecommunications network in these specific regions, thus benefiting not only pupils and teachers but also indirectly benefiting the local community.

The Marketplace
In 2010 the company has achieved the following:
  • Issued 10 leaflets aimed at informing and raising the awareness of the public.
  • Informed over 1.2 million citizens on issues relating to safe mobile use, recycling, health etc.
  • Assessed 77% of our Suppliers in regard to their implementation of Corporate Responsibility practices.
  • Improved customer satisfaction via call centres and stores by 7.3% and 6.8%, respectively, compared to 2009.
  • Conducted more than 30 presentations on issues of Regulatory Compliance, which were attended by 340 executives
  • Offered a 15% discount to the monthly flat rate tariff applied to our post-paid plan customers classified under vulnerable social groups (pensioners and unemployed).

Moreover, in 2010, COSMOTE marketed a mobile phone specially designed for the elderly and/or people with vision impairments. The mobile phone has a:
- price less than 50 € (or is offered free-of-charge to post-paid plan customers and pre-paid plan customers), in order to be affordable to the wider public
- keypad with large buttons and large fonts on the screen
- easy-to-use operating system, in order to facilitate the communication of people not accustomed to using mobile phones
- direct-dial SOS button, with the capacity to store up to 5 numbers
- especially high ring-tone volume (up to 110dB), for people with hearing impairments.
A total of 4,850 of these devices have been made available

The Employees
In 2010 the company has achieved the following:
  • Increased the proportion of women within COSMOTE Greece in management positions reporting to the CEO to 50% (as a percentage of the overall number of women employees).
  • For the 5th consecutive year, over 50% of employees participated in at least one training session.
  • Continued to meet our standing target of zero fatal accidents.

Additionally, the knowledge of the company’s employees concerning Corporate Responsibility issues carry special weight since, on the one hand, they are the first who will appraise the track-record of the company and, on the other hand, they disseminate Corporate Responsibility values. In 2010 the company implemented training seminars addressing CR issues, specially-targeted to Executive, Senior and Middle Management, which were attended by 84%.