Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering

OTE’s Employee Volunteerism programme with NGOs

In 2010, we further expanded the OTE Employee Volunteerism Programme, to support the actions of Non-Governmental Organisations. This Programme provides company employees with the opportunity to participate in actions of associations that require volunteers.

In the framework of this Programme, we implemented new actions that contribute both to cultivating a culture of employee volunteerism and environmental awareness:

  • Through the company’s intranet (U Link), the employees had the possibility to participate, both themselves and their families, in an action that was planned in cooperation with the Non-Governmental Organisation ‘ANIMA’, for releasing hawks and other birds to the wild, proving that way that even a small action can make a difference.
  • In the context of celebrating the World Environment Day, OTE employees and their families, as well as citizens, took action for the environment by participating in local actions that were carried out by OTE’s 35 Cultural Centres in various areas of Greece, and which included planting trees, cleaning shores, lakes, forests etc, as well as collecting and sorting trash as recyclable and non-recyclable.

ΟΤΕ’s Employee Volunteerism Programme for the Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011

In the framework of the OTE’s Employee Volunteerism Programme, as well as OTE’s sponsorship of the Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011, we created a special corporate programme for volunteer participation in the Games by company employees. Employees from all over Greece responded and participate in the OTE Volunteer Group, thus contributing to the understanding and acceptance of mental disability and promoting the idea of volunteerism, representing the company in these World Games.

Blood Donation

Blood donations by OTE employees, which is the utmost act of human kindness and solidarity, increased in 2010.
For 2010, throughout the country, the OTE Group employees gathered 3,214 units of blood (compared to 2,973 in 2009), of which 2,407 was donated in Attica. 1,014 units were used to cover the needs of OTE Group employees, while 2,200 blood units were given to society.
In the Periphery, the work of Blood donation is organised in coordination with the local OTE Employee Cultural Centres.