11/06/2013 | Press Release

High definition communication exclusively for COSMOTE customers

Calls with remarkably clean, crystal clear sound, without "noise"

COSMOTE subscribers can now exclusively enjoy calls with remarkably clean, crystal clear sound and without ambient "noise", even when they speak in a low voice. The company is the first in Greece to offer to its customers, at no extra charge, the unique experience of High Definition Voice (HD Voice).

To enjoy High Definition calls, both interlocutors just need to use, anywhere in Greece, the 3G network of COSMOTE while their mobile devices need to support HD Voice.

COSMOTE General Technical Director, Mr George Tsonis, stated: "Telecommunications networks are continuously developed and upgraded with proper planning, continuous efforts and investments. The network of COSMOTE stands out systematically for its quality having achieved many firsts throughout the years. We were the first in the Greek market to offer high-speed broadband services HSDPA. We were among the first companies in Europe that upgraded our network to HSPA+. We were the first to launch 4G that is already growing rapidly across the country. Now, we are the first to offer high-definition voice services, the future of voice services. We won’t stop here. We keep investing, continuously introducing new technologies and capabilities to our network, always keeping in mind customers' need for advanced communication".

COSMOTE's 3G network population coverage stands at 98.3%, while HD voice is supported by a wide range of mobile phones that are available from €109,9 at OTE, COSMOTE and GERMANOS stores. For further information on the mobile devices, please contact COSMOTE Costumer Care (13838) or visit