If you like reading, you can now download the most interesting application COSMOTE Books so you can easily read all your favorite books!

Markets: Android + iOs

What is COSMOTE Books?

COSMOTE Books is a unique Reading application for Free & Adobe DRM protected ebooks. From within the app a user can browse COSMOTE Books collection containing more than 3.600 eboooks and buy any book from the largest Greek electronic bookstore
A user can also use the included reading application for already downloaded or new ebooks that are compatible with PDF and EPUB and are free or Adobe DRM protected. The application provides a unique reading experience both for EPUB and PDF documents. Especially for PDF documents that are traditionally difficult to read on mobile devices COSMOTE Books provides a reflow option that makes reading easier and possible even on small phones Bookmarks, Notes, Search, Brightness level, Socializing are available. Synchronization of Current Page, Notes, Bookmarks and Highlights is an option that enables easy reading of the same book on multiple devices. Users can import and read their own books and documents by transferring them from their computer. Users can also download any file (pdf ,epub or acsm) from the web or open any file from their device, dropbox or mail attachment just choosing COSMOTE Books to "Open with".

The App bundles for free the following Greek books:

  • Nana, Emile Zola, Metaixmio Editions
  • Erotikos Papadiamantis, Christoforos Liontakis, Patakis Editions
  • Eros, Theros, Polemos, Eugenia Fakinou, Kastaniotis Editions
  • Ben-Hur, Lew Wallace, Livanis Editions
  • Filies kai erotes, Emily Giffin, Minoas Editions
  • Moglis, Rudyard Kipling, Papadopoulos Editions

How can I download COSMOTE Books;

To get the COSMOTE Books App you have to have access to the Google Play Store (Google Market) and as soon as you are in the Market you need to place on the search engine “COSMOTE Books”

  • Select Download and then OK in order for the download procedure to begin
  • As soon as you have downloaded the App, select Open the App in order to see the service.


COSMOTE Books App is offered for FREE in the Markets and only the book purchase through the application is charged.

There are two ways in order to purchase a book:

  • Online purchase through your COSMOTE Account bill
  • Online purchase through the use of a credit card.

Notice: As you may know for every App download there is a small charge from the additional Market, the same goes for this app so during the download procedure you will have a small charge.