Before you enter the world of WHAT’UP, you need to register your personal data

Come to a COSMOTE, GERMANOS, OTE or other COSMOTE point of sale with your ID and register your personal data, fast and safely.

Once you have concluded the registration process, you can follow the steps below to activate your new WHAT’S UP prepaid card.

1. Insert your COSMOTE SIM card in accordance with your handset manufacturer’s instructions and switch on your handset by keeping the ON/OFF key pressed for a few seconds

2. Enter the 4-digit PIN1 code printed on the back of your COSMOTE SIM card and press OK or #

3. If your battery is charged, you will see a sign on your screen indicating that you are connected to the COSMOTE network

4. Now you just have to dial any number*. Upon dialing the number, you will hear a recorded message welcoming you to COSMOTE network and informing you that your number will be soon activated. To complete the activation process, you must listen to the entire message before you hang up Right after that message, the number you have dialed will be called. The WHAT'S UP connection will be realized irrespective of whether your call is answered or not.

That’s it! You have entered the world of WHAT’S UP!

Duration of Use

Don't worry! You've got time ... More specifically, you've got the whole period of 12 months from the time you activate your WHAT'S UP. If your airtime runs out before the 12 months, you can still receive phone calls, until the period of 12 months. You can top up your airtime anytime, by purchasing a Top Up Card (Renewal Card). Every time you renew your free airtime, you also renew the usage duration for your WHAT'S UP for an extra 12 months from the last recharge.

Attention: If you go through the period of 12 months without renewing your airtime, you will lose the remaining airtime - if there is left available - and you will not be able to make and/or receive any phone calls. However, COSMOTE offers you 1 month period in which you are able to top up your airtime, activating at the same time your WHAT'S UP. But if you go through 13 months without renewing your airtime at all, your number will be automatically deleted and thus your connection to the network of COSMOTE will be terminated.

*This includes all call numbers, except for those that are called free of charge (1314 is excluded), such as emergency numbers (e.g.166).