COSMOTE Free Message Bundles Service

Do you already have a COSMOTE Business Plan, and want extra free messages? We have the best cost-effective Package!

Do you want to add the best available free SMS or MMS bundles to your COSMOTE Business Plan; Activate the Package that suits your needs by sending an SMS to 1256, with the text “PAKETO SMS 30”, “PAKETO SMS 70”, “PAKETO SMS 150”, “PAKETO SMS 300”, “PAKETO MMS 10”, respectively.
  SMS 30 SMS 70 SMS 150 SMS 300 MMS 10
Free Messages 30 70 150 300 10
Monthly Fixed Fee 2.25€ 4.50€ 9 € 13.50€ 2.34€
  • If the free SMS or ΜΜS messages are not used during their respective month of charge, they are not transferred to the following month
  • Free SMS or ΜΜS messages can be sent only to national networks.