We recycle Mobile Phones, Accessories and Batteries

Since 2005, we have implemented a mobile phone, accessories and battery recycling programme in all COSMOTE shops, GERMANOS shops and COSMOTE buildings. As a result, 12,021 kgr of phone devices and mobile telephony accessories were gathered in 2010, over-achieving our target (which was to collect 20 kgr per collection point), as 25.57 kgr per collection point were gathered.

Furthermore, within the frame of a corporate assets withdrawal programme, 7.35 tn of mobile phones and accessories from COSMOTE’s warehouse and also 37.47 tn of batteries from GERMANOS’s warehouse in Avlona were recycled. These amounts are not included in the data of the graph below, as they are not related to customers’ participation.

Apart from phone devices, batteries and accessories, our company also enables recycling of domestic batteries and ink cartridges in its shops, for the public. In 2010, 53,059 kgr of domestic batteries were collected from 470 collection points (i.e. 112.9 kgr per point), as well as 1,534 pieces of ink cartridges (or 3.2 items per collection point).