Live the unique experience of the 4G network!

COSMOTE, first in Greece brought the 4G LTE network and improves the Mobile Internet. COSMOTE 4G, No 1 in population coverage, provides multiple speed, in order to:
  • enjoy faster internet surfing,
  • watch HD videos without breaks,
  • download & upload large files very fast.

The speed is such that on average, users can download an HD movie in just 2-3 minutes!

Come to a store of the COSMOTE network or contact COSMOTE Care service in order to activate the COSMOTE 4G service. Additionally, you can now enjoy Mobile Internet abroad with exceptionally high 4G speed.

4G Devices

Be the first to live the 4G experience by choosing from a wide range of innovative 4G devices the Smartphone, Tablet & USB Stick and enjoy amazingly fast Mobile Internet.

See all 4G Smartphones
  • LG G2 mini
    LG’s first “Compact” Smartphone.
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  • Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - Compact and stylish.
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  • SONY Xperia M2
    Premium experiences, ultra-fast.
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  • Nokia Lumia 625
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  • iPhone 5S
    Forward thinking.
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  • iPhone 5C
    For the colorful.
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  • iPad Air
    The power of lightness.
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  • Apple iPad mini with Retina display
    Small wonder.
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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.2014
    Design your life.
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  • Sony Xperia Z2
    The world's slimmest and lightest waterproof tablet.
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  • Alcatel USB Stick L100V
    Significantly faster download up to 100Mbps/sec.
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  • Huawei Pocket Wi-Fi E5776
    Create your own 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot.
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4G Plans

All COSMOTE users can live the 4G experience! Choose the Tariff Plan or service that suits you best.

Terms & Conditions
    Tariff Plans
    1500' to COSMOTE & fixed, MB for Internet & free talk time to all
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    BUSINESS Unlimited with Internet
    Unlimited Intra-company calls, 1500' to COSMOTE & fixed, MB for Internet & free talk time to all
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    Internet On The Go
    Fast Mobile Internet everywhere from your tablet & your pc
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    Services Mobile Internet
    Fast Mobile Internet everywhere from your mobile phone
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have any questions about COSMOTE 4G?
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  • Videos

    Watch the videos below to realize the amazing difference in COSMOTE 4G speed!